Michele Campbell


Michele Campbell

Talent Acquisition Manager

Michele is a Talent Acquisition Manager for Pathfinder, LLC with over 18 years of experience in talent recruitment across a broad range of industries. Over her career, she has successfully recruited and placed top Technical, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Managerial candidates exclusively for full-time and contract needs throughout the US. Michele is proficient in sourcing candidates, identifying top talent, and pre-screening candidates to meet requirements. Her knowledge of state and federal laws regarding employment practices is invaluable.

For Pathfinder as Talent Acquisition Manager, Michele not only manages and directs the Project Resources Group, she also develops and manages effective primary relationships with Pathfinder’s team of Project Resources. Michele works with Pathfinder’s vast cadre of highly specialized and experienced project resources to solve short-term and long-term Owner team needs. Her background offers a unique advantage to matching senior-level project management professionals with the experience and skills required to address, mitigate, and provide practiced as well as innovative solutions to our client’s challenging situations. Michele actively uses LinkedIn as one of her networking tools - connect with her if you are interested in a working relationship with Pathfinder, LLC.


  • Talent Acquisition                                    


  • Texas A & M University, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in Management


  • National Workforce Institute
  • Certified Workforce Professional: Certification Number: NWI08N3138L


  • English