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Pathfinder’s professional development continuing education series for the project management community is now offered ONLINE!

Pathfinder’s fundamental project management series is a resource to help organizations plan the development of new construction project managers (those who have three to five years of experience). Each highly interactive training module features a live instructor and frequent interaction and collaboration among students. They are developed and facilitated by individuals that are knowledgeable and experienced in the Construction Industry Institute’s body of practices, benchmarking databases, and methodologies. This series includes the following areas of study: project management fundamentals, project controls essentials, contracting best practices, project execution planning, the role of the owner construction manager, and planning & commissioning for start-up.

Pathfinder has been reviewed and approved as a Registered Provider of advising and/or instruction services in CII published practices
by the Construction Industry Institute (CII).


  • Workshop fees are stated in US $.
  • If the workshop is in person...
    • Accommodations are not included in the course price.
    • Courses held in Canada are subject to the appropriate GST/HST tax.
  • Reservations are binding unless canceled within 30 business days prior to the event. 
  • Workshops take place in the Eastern time zone.

Any of the following courses can be CUSTOMIZED and presented virtually or in-person at your location
to meet the specific needs of your project team.

ONLINE - Project Management Fundamentals

In this multifaceted approach to learning, attendees will understand the roles and responsibilities of the owner and contractor’s project manager. This 1-day (7 PDH) workshop provides a perspective of the worldwide project planning and execution environment and how project management must react to fluctuations in this ever-changing industry. Through live instruction and collaborative break-out...Read more
PM Fundamentals: September 25, 2023 ONLINE

ONLINE - Project Control Essentials

This 2-day (14 PDH) highly interactive virtual workshop features live instruction and collaborative break-out sessions where attendees will discover the essentials of the general project controls process and how this integrates with the project delivery process. Project control planning aspects such as scope definition, cost management, and schedule management will be broken down into topics such...Read more
PC Essentials: September 26-27, 2023 ONLINE

ONLINE - Contracting Best Practices

In this 2-day (14 PDH) engaging virtual workshop, attendees will understand the overall contracting process from contract strategy selection through the development of contract documents and contract administration. Lump sum, reimbursable, unit prices and incentive contract compensation approaches will be addressed, as well as, contractor pre-screening, bid review, and negotiations. Worldwide...Read more
Contracting Best Practices: September 28-29, 2023 ONLINE

ONLINE - Project Execution Planning

This 2-day (14 PDH), virtual workshop addresses the purpose of the Project Execution Plan (PEP), its intended audience, the focus of the PEP at each project development phase, and the various components of the plan. A number of CII Best Practices, as well as research studies, are built into this session, including all the studies around Engineering Planning, Procurement Planning, Construction...Read more
Project Execution Planning: May 8-9, 2023 ONLINE
Project Execution Planning: October 16-17, 2023 ONLINE

ONLINE - Owner's Role in Construction Management

This engaging 2-day (14 PDH), highly interactive, virtual workshop is a hands-on practitioner’s view of the Owner’s role in the construction management process, respecting various potential project execution environments and contracting methodologies. This session defines the interfaces with many other aspects of a project that allows for efficient and productive construction, many of these are...Read more
Owners Role CM: May 10-11, 2023 ONLINE
Owners Role CM: October 18-19, 2023 ONLINE

ONLINE - Planning for Commissioning & Start-Up

In this Interactive 1-day (7 PDH) virtual workshop, attendees discover the importance of Commissioning & Start-Up (C&SU) planning during the front-end development activities and building these requirements into the overall Project Execution Plan. This workshop addresses the various steps in the handover process of Mechanical Completion, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning Start-up and...Read more
Planning for CSU: May 12, 2023 ONLINE
Planning for CSU: October 20, 2023 ONLINE