ONLINE - Project Execution Planning

This 2-day (14 PDH), virtual workshop addresses the purpose of the Project Execution Plan (PEP), its intended audience, the focus of the PEP at each project development phase, and the various components of the plan. A number of CII Best Practices, as well as research studies, are built into this session, including all the studies around Engineering Planning, Procurement Planning, Construction Planning, Modularization, Planning for Start-Up, etc. This engaging session addresses the vital contributions needed from the team and the critical nature of alignment as the project progresses. Attendees discover the differences from an Owner PEP and a Contractors PEP and how these documents intertwine and become the basis for aspects such as Project Control and Change Management. Through live instruction and collaborative break-out sessions, attendees dissect each of the typical PEP sub-sections and collaborate in workshop teams to practice the planning aspects of each of the PEP component topics.  What-if, real life examples will be discussed around the valuable contribution the PEP has to the business and project objectives. Attendees will understand the nuances of the PEP related to small, in-plant type projects as well as Mega scale project ventures. (Please Note: Courses take place in the Eastern Time Zone)

Upcoming Dates

October 21-22, 2024



Project Execution Planning
Project Execution Planning, October 21-22, 2024
October 21-22, 2024